Pre-Engineered & Custom Barges

We offer portable sectional barges for rent or sale in Canada. Utilize our marine barge fleet in remote locations or customize them for specific barging jobs. Portable sectional barges, barge rentals, barges for sale, barge assembly, custom barges.

Canadian Dewatering operates and delivers barging solutions using a large fleet of Robishaw Flexifloat sectional barges. Our Transport Canada registered barges are easily utilized to engineer solutions for wide range of marine applications. These sectional barges are designed for:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Drill rigs
  • Pumps
  • Instrumentation
  • Transport cargo
  • Demolition operations
  • Salvaging
  • Bridge maintenance/construction

Canadian Dewatering also designs, constructs, rents and sells smaller specific-purpose barges. These custom units may be used for pump support, anchor placement, or work platforms. They are usually specifically designed to be launched via cranes or using integral skid frames, often required within remote or specialized locations. Our smaller barges have great versatility in small and medium scale dredging and solids removal projects.

Our diverse fleet of barges provides access to several innovative pumping solutions.  The barges can be combined with our extensive pump fleet to allow for installation of pumps in jobsites that would be otherwise inaccessible. Canadian Dewatering’s highly trained personnel can safely install and operate a complete pump solution to satisfy your needs, no matter how complex.

Call our sales team to learn more about our portable sectional barges and all the marine applications our custom barges can support.