Dredging Services

Canadian Dewatering has been operating dredges in Western Canada and the Northwest Territories since the 1980's. Providing cutterhead and suction dredging services, our dredging division is able to overcome even the most difficult site conditions. We have dredges available up to 440 HP and productivity up to 1,200 m3/hr.

Our dredges are available in sizes ranging from 8" to 16”, with swing ladder, cutter head, and Dragflow dredges available. Our larger conventional, ladder type dredges come with aggressive basket type cutter heads, and are suitable for dredging abrasive materials and native ground applications. The Dragflow dredges are extremely useful in deeper water applications, as their submersible hydraulic pumps overcome the suction difficulties experienced by conventional dredges in deeper, high SG (specific gravity) environments.

Customized systems may be assembled from our large fleet providing both high volume and high head solutions in a wide range of situations.  Further customization is possible when integrated with our large fleet of Godwin and Ellicott pumps, using our inventory of large diameter HDPE pipe and sectional barges.  Dredgeate disposal options can be formulated from several options, including but not limited to land farming, Geo-textile bags, decant ponds, centrifuges, and trucking.

Utilizing the skills of our pumping and marine divisions, we are able to respond to year round problems, across the Arctic and Western Canada's diverse landscape.

To learn more about our underwater services and dredging equipment rentals, contact us today.