Dewatering Services

With over forty years of experience, Canadian Dewatering has become Western Canada’s leading supplier of contract dewatering services.  Wherever unwanted water poses a threat, from a small-scale excavation to a complex major construction project, Canadian Dewatering has the specialized knowledge and equipment to collect and remove it.

Backed by an inventory of 2,500+ pieces of equipment, and a fully modern design and fabrication shop, Canadian Dewatering’s knowledgeable staff is able to meet any challenge.

Canadian Dewatering is an expert in choosing and implementing the right solution for a given problem. Whether it’s rain accumulation or hydraulic ground water intrusion, Canadian Dewatering draws upon decades of experience with all types of dewatering services.  The company’s expertise includes shallow wells, vacuum well point systems, deep wells, and vacuum assisted deep wells.

More than just technical solutions, Canadian Dewatering provides complete, hands-off service. The correct dewatering system is designed, installed and operated for the life of the project, allowing customers to forget about water problems and focus on what they do best.

To learn more about our large-scale water removal techniques or how to mitigate water problems, call us toll-free at 1 (800) 328-3494‎.