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Flygt 2620

The Flygt 2620 pump is designed for reliability with innovations that reduce wear on the impeller and seal. With Flygt, you’ve got a pump that just keeps pumping, no matter what, in even the harshest conditions. The hydraulic design on the Flygt 2600 series pumps makes them several times more wear resistant in comparison with traditional dewatering pumps. Our proven expertise in hydraulics has resulted in what we call the Dura-Spin™ System. The unique closed impeller and the suction cover with Dura-Spin™ grooves work together sweeping abrasive particles away from the impeller neck. This exclusive design is just another reason why Flygt 2600 Series pumps deliver ... day in and day out. With its exclusive Spin-Out System™, the Flygt 2600 series is unique on the market. Reliability has never been greater on a submersible pump because the seal system reduces the amount of abrasives in the seal cavity.

  • Superior wear resistant hydraulics with the Dura-Spin™ system

  • Plug-in seal that is easy to fit and service

  • Water tight terminal board to reduce risk for consequential damage

  • Impeller sleeve with Smart System to adjust impeller quickly

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Flygt 2620

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